Local Information Service

About Us?

We are a Service that contributes to the appropriation of the territory’s information, by managing and promoting information generated in the communities and by carrying out actions of training and dialogue to strengthen the exercise of citizenship. Nowadays, thise service is provided in the Comfenalco libraries of Niquía in Bello, La Aldea in Itagüí, Castilla, Medellín Western Center, House of Infantile Reading (formerly known as Casa Barrientos), Héctor González Mejía, My Neighborhood Room – Belén Library Park, Public Library and Cultural Park Débora Arango.

The Local Information Service began in 1991 as a reference service of the public Library “Héctor González Mejía” of the Family Compensation (Social) Fund COMFENALCO Antioquia. Based in the directives manifestos of UNESCO, it was the first which was implemented in Colombia.

Our goal is to stimulate reflection, rescue and appreciation of the cultural identities and to support the processes of community and citizen participation, striving every day to bring better wellness to the citizenship, based on innovation, education, organization and effectiveness.

In our libraries we offer Reference Service and Local, Citizen and Community Information Inquiries, Cultural Cubby, Training and Advice for design and implementation of local information services, Local, Citizen and Community Information borrowing, education for citizen participation, public opinion events, web services through webpage Infolocal, edition and publication of guides, directories and manuals on these topics.

Address: Calle 51 # 45 - 37
Phone: 511 13 09 - 511 21 33 Ext. 120, 144, 112
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